01What is the difference among Cuticle Remy hair, Remy hair & non Remy hair?
Cuticle of Remy hair is placed in the same direction as the direction of the natural hair growth. Non-Remy hair is also 100% human hair but does not come from the donors’ heads directly. Most of the Non-Remy hair is dead hair with damaged cuticle. So, this kind of hair is frizzy and gets broken more easily than the real Remy hair. The biggest advantage of the non-Remy hair is that it is cheap.
02I’m interested in making the first order. How can I do business with you?
To start with, you need to decide which grade of hair quality you need. We prefer obtaining your existing samples for evaluation so that we can give you a reasonable quotation, or you can give us your target price directly. Once we make samples, based on your budget, you can check the quality of the sample.
03What if I have a problem with the product quality?
Please keep the products and contact us as soon as possible. Our expert team will also give feedback to you as soon as possible. If it is confirmed that we are the ones responsible for the quality problem, we will start the process of compensation immediately.
04We are new in hair extension market. How can we understand and choose the right specification?
Don't worry about that. Just tell us about your business philosophy and brand positioning. Our expert will recommend you our best-selling types, as well as our new types, based on your own advantages and our long-term market experience. We will help you grow your brand in your target market.
05How can I keep a favorable competitiveness in such a crowded market?
We seek cooperation with companies from all over the world in various hair extension markets. We will sign agreements on market protection and information protection in order to avoid ineffective competition and protect our partners’ information.
06What other solutions can we get besides hair extension solutions?
You can also get supporting customization services and optimized solutions related to hair extensions, including packaging solutions, transportation solutions, positioning solutions, and market research solutions.
07Do you value other responsibilities besides the above mentioned? Responsibilities such as obligations to employees, customers, society, local community, environment, and animal welfare?
Some of our clients are listed companies. In order to ensure that all customers' interests and reputation are protected, we will comply with all of the above obligations. And these obligations will be written into the contract if necessary.

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