Each critical production process has in-house quality control to ensure that healthy Remy hair is processed into long-lasting hair products.

Healthy Remy Hair Sourcing

Inspecting hair materials

Professional buyers collect raw hair from India and Europe. We strictly inspect the raw hair based on the following:

  • Cuticle Check: Feel smooth going downwards from root, but feel coarse when moving in the opposite direction.

  • Color Check: Remove dyed hair and gray hairs.

  • Appearance Inspect: Healthy Remy hair looks silky with natural gloss.

Washing & Sorting

Raw hair is soaked and washed to clean up the dust and shampoo residue and to prevent tangling.

Then dried hair is brushed and sorted by experienced workers based on length, color and texture.

Bleaching Process

The color of bleached hair is one of the prime factors that affects the result of dyeing. This is why our skillful workers monitor the color and pay attention to whether the color is lighter or browner than required.

With their expert bleaching skills, our workers ensure the integrity of the hair cuticle, which is critical to the long-lasting durability of finished hair products.

Dyeing and Inspecting Color

Our advanced dyeing technique makes your hair products stand out by glowing with a natural-looking and lasting color.

After dyeing, workers wash the hair a few times to avoid fading and tangling. Color is changed after every washing, so we inspect the color with the color rings to ensure the color accuracy of each hair.


Before sewing and gluing, drawing makes hair aligned at the top, and this is achieved through efficient cooperation among several workers.

Hair is sorted by length and color to manufacture products of different grade.

Diligent Post-Processed

Skillful handcraft and earnest attitude create the high-quality hair products.

Experienced workers carefully sew and glue the hair to make sure our products keep strong and cause as little damage as possible.

Measuring the length of hair products
Tensile testing
Inspecting final hair products

Quality Control

We perform inspection of the finished products based on the well-defined benchmarks, striving for perfection. At this stage, your products will be checked again for:

  • Color;
  • Length;
  • Weight;
  • Range;
  • Breakage;
  • Tensile Testing.

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