Hair Extensions

High-quality hair extensions made of 100% Remy hair for White women.

Full Range of Hair Extensions

Tape-in Hair Extensions | Alpha Hair

Tape Hair Extensions

Anti-shedding and durable tape-in hair extensions will surprise your clients with the flawless using effect.

Clip-in Hair Extensions | Alpha Hair

Clip-in Hair Extensions

User-friendly clip-in hair extensions are convenient for users who need to style their hair in a short time for special occasions.

Hair Weaves | Alpha Hair

Flat Weft & Genius Weft

Both handmade and machine weaves are weaved tightly and evenly for durable and natural extensions.

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions | Alpha Hair

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Easy-to-use and easy-to-remove pre-bonded hair extensions have various tip types to set flexible hairstyles.

Halo Hair Extensions | Alpha Hair

Halo Hair Extensions

Adjustable halo hair extensions add extra volume and fit your customers' head by using loops and hooks.

Ponytail Hair | Alpha Hair

Ponytail Extensions

Comfortable and safe ponytail extensions to add youthful flair to any style your customers prefer.

Take Your Hair Extensions to the Next Level

Our highly praised hair extensions will take your brand to a higher level due to the excellent quality, full-scale production, and useful effects.

Top-Grade Hair

With more than 20 years’ experience of purchasing hair material, we are familiar with raw material supply sources and methods of inspection.

We only choose Cuticle Remy Hair to guarantees that hair extensions are silky, healthy and natural looking.

Cuticle Remy Hair | Alpha Hair

Various Types

Choose and combine Clip-in, Tape-in, Hair Weaves, Pre-bonded, Halo Hair Extensions, Ponytail Extensions, and Micro Ring extensions to fulfill your business requirements.

Various creative hair extensions we support differentiate you and your products from competitors.

Hair Extensions Types | Alpha Hair

Pleasing Usage Effect

We offer in-stock samples for quick testing. You can evaluate the quality instead of just taking our word for it.

Natural effect and silky hair will surprise you. Smooth attaching and custom color create the seamless and flat look of real hair.

Beautiful Woman with Hair Extensions | Alpha Hair
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    Top-Grade Hair

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    Various Types

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    Pleasing Usage Effect

Hair Extensions Length Testing | Alpha Hair

Customize Your Hair Extension Types

Alpha manufactures all types of Remy hair extensions, and we keep going to explore more innovations to lead the market.

You can customize various tip types and choose different colors and sizes to define your own hair extensions.

Contact us to send your ideas. We will bring your ideas to life and send you the sample for inspection.

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