Alpha offers series of lace wigs, mono wigs, and Jewish wigs to help your customers get beautiful and natural hairstyles.

Full Range of Wigs

Jewish wig Alpha hair extension

Jewish Wigs

Jewish wigs provide a Jewish person with the most comfortable alternative solution of hairstyle that can be treated as real hair.

Mono Wigs | Alpha Hair

Mono Wigs

Mono wigs, featuring a realistic look of real hair growing from a scalp, provide an ideal solution to women with a hair loss problem.

Lace Wigs | Alpha Hair

Lace Wigs

Handmade lace wigs and semi-hand-tied lace wigs fit any of your requirements related to quality and cost.

High-End Wigs Bring You Reputation

Our delicate wigs with the precise combination of virgin Remy hair, comfortable cap and accessories help you enhance your brand awareness.

Virgin Remy Hair

Hand-knotted wigs, made of full cuticle Remy hair, allow you to gain more profits by replicating the look of a real human scalp and hair.

We source intact cuticle Remy hair to guarantee the quality from the source. Natural hair looks more realistic and tends to be more durable.

Cuticle Remy Hair | Alpha Hair

Exquisite Handcraft

Handcraft plays a key role in our manufacturing process of high-quality hair products.

Every single hair in our wigs is delicately tied and knotted to guarantee hair density and suitable growing direction, making the wigs look like natural hair.

Lace Wigs | Alpha Hair

Wear Easily

Our wigs allow users to instantly transform their looks with minimal effort. Wigs can be straightened, curled, dyed, and styled again just like natural hair, and can tolerate heating and the impact of other styling tools better.

Wigs in accurate sizes, with adjustable straps and settled comb clips, allow customers to use wigs with ease.

Hair Wigs | Alpha Hair
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    Virgin Remy Hair

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    Exquisite Handcraft

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    Wear Easily

Wigs | Alpha Hair

Our Wigs Suit Any Types and Budgets

As a specialized wigs manufacturer, Alpha provides a wide range of exquisite hand-tied wigs and cost-effective machine-made wigs for you at a reasonable price.

Skilled employees and the complete production process we have in place ensure that you receive your products with consistent color, length, and style.

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